Saturday, October 1, 2011

Need You Now - Siff Fall 2011

This was the first time for me participating in Sims International Film Festival (SIFF). I chose a somewhat overused song: "Need You Now" by Lady Antebellum. Emily and Greg are a young married couple with a small son when Greg is called out to serve his country. The touching lyrics made me think how heart-wrenching being alone would be when the one you love is so far away. I thought to end with them just talking on the phone but that didn't seem like a fitting ending to such an emotional journey.

Fel's Big Party

Fel, one of my online simming buddies, celebrated her **th birthday and we celebrated with a surprise party in her honor. Virtually, of course! I used one of her fave songs by Katy Perry, Last Friday Night, to set the tone. This video consists of all Sim-selves but the Guest Listing is private. *LOL* This was just quirky and fun for me to make.


This was a short video I did for a story I was writing called, "After the Photo". Lacey, the female lead, is a small town girl just breaking into Sim Modeling. She is so enchanted by world-wise cameraman, Jake, that she fails to see cheating ways and gets hurt in the end. This video takes on the perspective of Derek, the male lead and a vampire Lord, that has been been captivated by the young Lacey but she never even knew he existed! Until this fateful night... 

Young Lust

This was a request from my husband. He likes Pink Floyd. *DUR* I interpreted it at face value. You will see a man just getting into town and searching for a "working girl" to fill his night.

Closing Time

My first official The Sims 3 Machinima was this video here. This song was pretty popular when I was in High School but I don't think people have much love for it now. The story line is pretty simple. A guy is out with some friends and obviously has feelings for the other girl in the group. By night's end, he knows who he wants to take him home!